2.13.14 – Bane Location!!!

WE HAVE A LOCATION!!!!!!!!!!!!


I (Julie) was going to ramble on about nonsense just to add a dramatic effect to this post, but I decided against it. Your welcome.


So here is it….. 2100 Wood Ave. Easton, PA 18042. BOOM!


For all of you that have no idea where that is…. its next to Piscitello Home Center.

In The Hillis Group building.

Off of Rte. 22 in between the 25th St. exit and the 13th St. exit.

For some reason Google Maps doesn’t place the marker in the right spot. It should be on the right, right next to Piscitello Home Center. So please don’t get confused with the marker. The address is correct.


Anyway…..It’s 3,100 square feet of open space. Oh and did we mention 8 garage doors?!?!

That’s right.. 4 on each side!!! Talk about air flow in the warmer months. Or now, if you’re into that kind of thing. I personally know 3 people (not including me) that will be HIGHLY against it. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t do it!


More details will be announced soon…



Thanks for hanging in there with us!!! Just a little bit longer…. think March. 🙂