You want a Barbell Club shirt???? 15 bucks if you preorder. 20 if you don’t.

Let us know. I will let you know when the deadline to order is by tomorrow!!!


Just a quick word on the Bane Barbell Club (starts tonight):

We just want to give everyone a heads up that barbell club is not going to be open gym style. We are covering strict programming that will need to be followed. If you are interested in joining us, then competency must be shown to Jamie or Julie prior to starting. Please contact them to schedule a time to test if you already have no done so.


Thanks and see all of you that passed at 7!!!



Wednesday, July 5




Athletes row, starting at 0m to 100m. The object is to get the rower to stop exactly at the 100m mark. If you do that = 0 points for that round. Anything over or under 100m is points. Example: 103m = 3 points and 96m = 4 points. 5 rounds. Lowest score wins!

Points = burpees.


After round 1 of rowing complete: 15 air squats

After Rounds 2 of rowing: 15 Push-ups

Round 3: 15 Kip Swings

Round 4: 15 Shoulder Rolls

Round 5: burpee penalty (all 5 rounds added together)




25 Back Squat (135/95)

50 Ab mats

25 Shoulder to Overhead (135/95)

50 Pull-ups


50 Ab Mats

25 Back Squats


Scaling options:

50 Pull-ups = 50 Banded Pull-ups OR 50 Ring Rows OR 50 Inverted Ring Rows



Pick a weight that the Back Squats are unbroken!!!!!