Only 3 more days in June to go until we announce the winner of our June attendance contest!

Who will come in on top!?!?!?!?

Stay tuned…



Wednesday, June 28



15 mins to finish:

3 x 200m run alt. with a partner

Then with a PVC:

15 Shoulder Rolls

15 OHS

15 Snatch Balance

Then with a Barbell:

10 Squat Snatch

10 OHS




400m Run

Max Reps Bodyweight OHS


Score = Total number of OHS



1 – IF you can not OHS your BW, pick a weight where you can get AT LEAST 5 per round.

2 – IF you are doing more than 15 OHS per round, the weight is TOO LIGHT.

3 – Bar must come from ground. You can snatch or C&J from the back.

4 – Once you drop the bar, your max reps for that set is done.