Barbell Club is coming to Bane! Starting the first Wednesday in July, we will be having barbell class on Wednesday nights from 7-8pm.

The focus of this class will be breaking down barbell movements to become more technical and efficient. This will not be run like a traditional class, therefore interest parties MUST show an understanding of main barbell movements to be allowed in the class.

Those interested, please email Julie or Jamie at crossfitbane@gmail.com to set up a time on Sundays ONLY during open gym to demonstrate these movements PRIOR to July. Once you get the OK from either of them, they will let the coaches know that you are allowed in the class. The demo will take about 10 minutes.


Some movement requirements that will be needed include:

1 – Being able to perform a PROPER Air Squat

2 – Being able to perform an OHS at FULL DEPTH and ARMS FULLY LOCKED with an empty barbell.

3 – Being proficient in performing a Front Squat with the proper front rack position.

4 – Being able to perform a Full Snatch with proper form with an empty barbell.

5 – Being able to perform a Full Clean and Jerk with proper form with an empty barbell.


If you are unable to perform any of these movements successfully at the moment, don’t sweat it!! Work on improving these movements during regular CrossFit classes and after about a month, you can retest!



Also, if you are interested, please email Julie at the above address for info on purchasing Paleoethics protein and supplements. If you are interested, you will get an email back with the products and prices. I need to know NO LATER THAN FRIDAY what you want!




Tuesday, June 13



50 Singles

5 Inch Worms

50 Singles

10 Dislocates

50 Singles

15 Squat Jumps




400m Run





30 Ab Mats

40 Air Squats




400m Run