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The Swole-Mate crew!



Happy Valentine’s Day!




Open Announcements:


1 – IF you plan on getting your judges cert, you MUST email us a copy of it so that we have it on file.  The more judges we have, the quicker everything will go. It’s only $10. WE NEED TO KNOW YOUR SCHEDULE AS WELL!!!! (email your schedule along with your cert NO LATER THAN Tuesday, February 22) If you can make it to the Friday night class, that would be great! Most people will probably need to be judged during that time. We can use judges on Saturdays and Sundays as well.

If you want to be judged Friday morning, that is fine as well. Just know that there are only a handful of people I can judge within that hour time frame, especially if the WOD is 20 minutes long. If you can help in the am as well, that will help us out too!


2 – For 5 Fridays starting Feb 23, we will only have a 5:30am class and a 5:30pm class. 

Signups for the PM class will be available once the OPEN WOD IS ANNOUNCED ON THURSDAY NIGHT. You will be signing up for heats. If you heat starts at 5:40 and you show up at 5:41, you are out of luck! You will have to come in on Saturday or Sunday. Get to class with plenty of time to warmup!


3 – If you are just coming in to spectate (which is TOTALLY FINE), we ask that you cheer on your fellow Baners. The louder you are, the better the environment for them!


4 – WODs are announced on Thursday nights at 8pm. You MUST submit your score BEFORE Monday night at 8pm for it to count! If you don’t submit it in time, that’s on you. CrossFit will not let anyone submit past that time. Trust me, people have tried (Elite CrossFit Athletes that go to the Games) and have been denied. You can download the app and after you are done with the WOD, submit the score right away. So that you know it’s done. 


5 – If you are still on the fence about signing up, JUST DO IT. Then write your name up on the board at the gym! It’s a great time and a great environment. Trust us, its worth the $20!


6 – Any questions, please ask a coach!!!!!


Tuesday, February 14



See Whiteboard




Review the movements



“The Champs Warmup”


Min 1 – :40 seconds of shuttle sprints

Min 2 – 18/15 Cal Row

Min 3 – 15 KBS (1.5/1)

Min 4 – 1 Round of Cindy


IF you can not complete the number of calories in the minute, drop the number of calories. You should be getting off the rower with about 10 seconds to spare if you are on the entire minute, DROP THE CALORIES!


Shuttle Sprints – 3 cone set-up

1 round of Cindy = 5 Pull-ups, 10 push-ups, 15 air squats

Sub Ring rows for Pull-ups


If you can’t finish Cindy in the minute drop the reps by 2 each (3 pull-ups, 8 push-ups, 13 air squats) until you can finish in the minute