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Thanksgiving week!!!

Get in here. We are open!!!

Thanksgiving Day – 9-10am.

Black Friday – 9-10:30am.

All other hours are NORMAL!!!


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Tuesday, November 21



2 Rounds

250m Run

10 Leg Swings each Leg

10 Air Squats

10 Power Clean w/empty barbell

10 Power Snatch w/empty barbell

10 Push Jerk w/empty barbell



Hang Power Clean


Hang Power Snatch


Push Jerk




1 – Go for 1 RM for the day

2 – 2 Warmups PER MOVEMENT, then go for your 5×1.

3 – You only get 5 attempts at each movement. IF YOU FAIL, IT COUNTS AS AN ATTEMPT>

4 – You will have around 45 minutes to complete ALL 3. TIME MANAGEMENT!!!