Happy Monday.

Please remember to sign up for classes. We have a limit of 12 per class. This is for 2 reasons.

1 – We don’t want our coaches to feel overwhelmed with too many people and we want our members to have the most instruction as possible.

2 – Equipment and space limitations.


If you sign up, you are GUARANTEED a spot in class. If you don’t sign up and still come to class and 12 people are there, you won’t be able to work out.

Also, if you sign up and can’t make it to class, please unregister yourself. Give your spot to someone else if they wanted to come to class at that time.


Please be respectful of your fellow Baners and follow these simple rules!

Thank you all so much!


Monday, May 23



See Whiteboard



Pause Front Squats

4×5, using 65-70% of 1 RM

Pause 3 secs. at the bottom

Rest 60 secs. in between each set.




20 DU’s (60 Singles)

15 Air Squats

200m Run