Happy Leap Year!!


Nice work to everyone that did 16.1!!! It definitely was not an easy one, physically and mentally!

On to 16.2. Please don’t forget to submit your scores by Monday!!! Thanks!


Quick note to all Baners:


Please make sure you listen to your coaches. We have had some members pushing themselves a bit too much in regards to Barbell movements. If you are not doing the movement correctly, adding weight each set or going for a 1 RM is not beneficial to you at all. You need to get the movement down first and with correct form, comes the weight. If we tell you to lower the weight, please don’t get mad or frustrated with us. We are doing this for YOUR BENEFIT!!! Please trust us!!!

A few of us were out for MONTHS because we were not doing the correct form. We DO NOT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN TO YOU!

So when we say back off with the weight, LISTEN TO US!

If you have any questions about the movements, please ASK US!! That is what we are hear for!! Coach Jay is doing seminars on  different movements. The next one is the Deadlift!!!! We will post more info on it this week. But they are 3 hours long and a GREAT way to hone in on the correct form!!!!


Thank you all for your understanding in this!! We are looking out for you guys and we really don’t want anyone getting hurt because we have been there and not doing anything for a few months is THE WORST!!!


Monday, February 29



See Whiteboard



Back Squat

E2MOM 10

5×3, increase each SET

60, 65, 70, 75, 80% of 1 RM




100 Wall Balls (20/14)

*Every 2 minutes you must complete 3 med ball cleans and 3 burpees*