Hey all!!! The Bane Summer Paleo Challenge is officially over. Please make sure that you have all your results and points logged for the past 28 days. Also this week is RE-TEST week!!! We get to revisit those 2 WODs on Tuesday and Thursday this week. Make sure that you are here. After Thursday, we are going to ask that you all forward us the excel file so that we can tally and announce the winners next week!!!!!


Hopefully everyone feels as good as they look!!!! And don’t use the challenge as being over to NOT come in!!

Keep coming in… Remember we have a comp in October that we would like to see all of you sign up for!!!!!


This is also our final week for the strength program. Next week is 1 RM week to retest and see where everyone now is!!

Get in here 🙂


Tomorrow’s blog will be for our newest Athlete of the Month!!! Don’t forget to congratulate Doug on it!

He’s been kicking ass and taking names!! Keep up the great work Doug!!!!


Monday, July 6



See Whiteboard



Front Squat

2×5 @ 90% of 1 RM




4 Wall Climbs

8 Ring Dips

12 Burpees



Tabata Toes 2 Rig