For those that came out today and tackled that WOD, nice work!

Beach season is RIGHT around the corner!!


We have a jar at the gym on the table. Donations to that jar are for Dream Come True.image

For every dollar that is put in that jar, Matt has agreed to do 1 burpee.

So, the more dollars that are put in that jar, the more burpees that he does.

This is a great time to get payback for all the yelling and pushing that he has made you all do!!!!!

(Plus, it’s going towards a sick child’s wish to go to Disney World).

The goal is $6,000.

Any questions, PLEASE ask!!!



Thursday, April 23



See Whiteboard



Power Clean

1×3 @ 70% of 1 RM

3×2 @ 75%

1×3 @ 80%




4 x 400m Runs

Rest time it took to complete 400m.



Prowler Push

5 mins. max distance


Gals – add one 45# plate

Guys – add 2 45# plates