One year ago in a land far, far away…






That’s right kids… It’s been a year!!!! Holy Cow… where the heck does the time go?????

Apparently it FLIES… LITERALLY. So to all you young-ins out there… cherish it!!!!!!!!!


What a better way than having an In-House Comp on the 1 Year Anniversary?!?!? We couldn’t think of anything that we would rather be doing than spending it with all of you guys & gals!! ūüôā


Remember… doors open at 8am!

Mandatory Athlete briefing at 8:30.

First WOD starts at 9am on the dot!


We will be providing legit food for after the comp. So stay a little if you can!

If you want adult beverages, please bring them. And if you want desserts, please bring them as well!!!!


Below is the schedule of events for the day.

We are going to keep to it as closely as we possibly can. But we need your help to do that.

Know the heat and time that you are going and make sure you are ready!!!


WOD 1:



Heat 1 : 9-9:08   Michele, Brian, Raul, Melissa H & OJ

H 2 : 9:11-9:19   Bodi, Meg, Marshall, Kelsey & Niki

H 3 : 9:22-9:30   Keith P, Doug, Carly, Christin & Sean

H 4 : 9:33-9:41   Jeremy, Sophia, Kelly, Repsher & Yanders


WOD 2:

Strength Ladder


Starts @ 10:00

Should be over no later than 11am.

This will go in 4 waves.

Men’s RX

Women’s RX

Men’s Scaled

Women’s Scaled

*You will have 50 seconds to complete 1 Rep of the movement. If you complete the movement, you can move on to next weight. If not, you are done.

There are 10 different weights in the ladder. More details at Athlete briefing.


Break until 11:30.

We will be having a spectator challenge at the break!

Bring food/drinks to hydrate throughout the day. The legit food wont arrive until after 12.


WOD 3:



Heat 1 : 11:30-11:45   H 2 : 11:50-12:05  H 3 : 12:10-12:25

Meg                               Christin                   Yanders

OJ                                  Carly                        Jeremy

Bodi                               Keith P                    Sophia

Kelsey                            Doug                        Kelly

Marshall                        Sean                        Repsher

Melissa H                      Niki                          Daina


There will be a FINAL WOD for the top 3 in RX only. (Men & Women)

You can do any weights that you want through the WODs, but if you want to be in the competition for the final WOD, you have to do RX in all 3 WODs.