Look who came back…


We missed you Niki!!!!!

Perfecting their form… Nice work today everyone!!!


Well… It’s the last Open WOD today!!!!

Hopefully everyone had a great time doing the WODs and getting together on Sundays to cheer on your fellow Baners!

This Sunday is the last day, so come in and give them a little extra push! It helps tremendously, trust me!!!


If you use the MyWOD app on your phone to keep track of your WODs (you SHOULD be using something!!!!), I FINALLY got the feed address that you can use to find Bane on there!! You can either search for our gym by name or manually plug in this address ( http://crossfitbane.com/feed/ )

and it will automatically add our WODs to your feed! All you to do is just fill in the time or weight or any other details needed to be able to track your progress and numbers!

Let me know if you have any questions!


Remember… Tonight we only have a 5pm class.

Sorry about this.


Friday, March 27



See Whiteboard



4 x 200m Run

Rest 1 minute in between each set