Due to the extreme cold tomorrow and the fact that my car won’t start (I’m not kidding…its a diesel, it gels in this weather and I don’t own a plug to plug it in and de-gel the diesel) we are going to cancel AM classes. So this means that you need to get in here in the PM.

Again, SUPER sorry about this. Blame me.


So this is what Carly and I walked into this am… SOMEONE left their stuff out last night!!!!


Clean up after yourselves please!!!!!!

Penalty for this instance is 50 Burpee Wall Balls. 

Pay up! Don’t try to get out of it!!!

You know who you are 🙂


This is the last week before the Open starts!!!!

If you still haven’t signed up, click on the widget in the right corner!!!!

Sign-up! It will be a good time!

We will be doing the WODs with all classes on Fridays and then Sundays is when we are doing the judging for the WODs.


We will have a sign-up sheet for times at the gym. It will be released every Friday morning because it will depend on the WOD for that week.

The WODs are posted 8pm Thursday night.


Friday, February 20


See Whiteboard




E3MOM 15

3 Front Squats @ 80% of 1 RM




Lurong Retest



5 Front Squats

7 Bar Facing Burpees


Ladies – 115, 65, 35

Gents – 155, 95 OR 65


*Must jump over bar with BOTH feet*




Accumulate 2 mins. hold in each:

Hollow Body

Iron Man